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At MilitaryMilestones.com, we love military reunions! Reunions are a time to reestablish old friendships, relive cherished memories and honor those who have faithfully served this amazing country, the United States of America. We believe in celebrating military milestones at any and every opportunity, and one of the best ways we feel you can celebrate is with a reunion. 


Thank You!


First of all, let us say thank you! Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for fighting for this country. Too often, those words do not get said to our veterans, and we are committed to saying them over and over. We want to honor your service and say thank you!!!

We specifically want to thank anyone who is coordinating a military reunion. It takes a lot of time and energy to get a group together, plan all of the activities, accommodations and everything else. Your hard work may often go without the spoken praise it deserves. But as a reminder to you, it will all be worth it in the end. So we want to offer a special kind of thank you to you and your excellent, organized personality! :) 


Custom Ring Giveaway


Quite simply, MilitaryMilestones.com would love to sponsor your reunion. We believe supporting reunions like yours is one of the best ways we can help support our troops. We want to foster opportunities for veterans to catch up and interact with each other--to share that same camaraderie that they experienced while serving in the military together. Military reunions are an activity we are proud to support! 

In sponsoring your reunion, we would like to give away a beautiful FREE custom military ring at your reunion (a $159.95 value). Our rings are of the highest quality and can be customized in hundreds of different ways according to your choice of engraving, stone, metal and more. Feel free to browse through our entire site to get a feel for our rings, but below is a picture of one good example of what they look like.  



The rings are available in Valadium, Golden Valadium, Silver Plus, 10k Yellow Gold, 10k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold and 14k White Gold. We will credit the winner of the giveway with $160 towards a ring purchase.  The winner is free to choose any metal type they desire, but the giveaway is capped at $160.

You are free to run the giveaway however you feel it would have the biggest impact, but we recommend giving it away at the reunion itself. Advertising the giveaway to encourage signups for your reunion is a great way to improve attendance. Hold a live drawing for the ring at the event and contact us with the winner's info. 


Promotion Requirements


We want to make this sponsorship as easy as possible for you. We want you to say YES, because we would love to give away one of these custom rings to a member of your group. However, we have a few requirements that must be met to enable us to sponsor your reunion.


1. We need a link from your group's website or blog back to our homepage, preferably with the words "Military Rings" as the anchor text. If you are not a webmaster of a website, perhaps we can make arrangements with a member of your group who is.


2. Your promotion materials, both leading up to and at the reunion (emails, Facebook posts, newsletters, brochures, PowerPoint presentation), need to contain our company's name and website address.  

*Note - We are flexible here. If you want to move forward, we're completely willing to talk about what this might look like for your particular reunion.


That's it! We just hope you'll enjoy getting a free ring for your group!!!


Contact Us


If this sounds like a good idea for your group, please contact Eric Sztanyo by email at es@militarymilestones.com or call (859) 916-8148.

One final thought--If you are interested in getting rings for your entire group, contact us. We'd love to offer you special group discount pricing. Thanks, and good luck in your reunion planning!!!


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The Ring is perfect. Thank you so much. It was worth the wait.

Dean R

Received my ring today.  It is beautiful!  Thank You Merry Christmas


.I have the ring and love it!!!

F.H. Michigan

I received it yesterday. It is AMAZING. Thank you so much!!

I'm an Italian Paratrooper. 

I received my ring today, much earlier than expected. I just want to let you know I love my ring beyond measure. 
It's literally beautiful.
The craftmanship is beyond excellence, the level of detail is astonishing. 
The ring is everything I hoped and dreamed for, and much more. 
I will wear it with immense pride, 
since here in Italy we don't have a tradition regarding Military Rings. It's really an unique piece of art.
I can not praise your customer service enough, Ms. Pryor and Ms. Garza went well beyond their due to help me in every way possible, and assisting my with the ordering process. 
My hat is off to both of you, Ma'am Pryor and Ma'am Garza.
I will let everyone know where I got my ring.
Nicola S.
I do want to take a second and thank you for your helpfulness, your patience, and your professionalism towards my situation with my husband's ring. Not many things bring tears to my husbands eyes, but this ring, which symbolized such wonderful memories for him, definitely did. The quality of work that was done was truly special and so detailed. It was ordered for his birthday and was delivered on his birthday which made it so much more special. Thank you so much for being so attentive and providing quality and memorable products. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends, and family. As a matter of fact, my dad is already looking at a ring from you as well! Thank you again!
Katherine S.

"I wanted to thank you very much for the great website, the excellent customer service, and an outstanding product.  My ring came today, much earlier than it was originally promised.  It is an extremely handsome ring of the highest quality, and I'll wear it with pride."

St. Louis, MO

My husband and I were so impressed by the beauty and detail of his ring! It was a very special anniversary gift and so meaningful to both of us. We were very happy when a jeweler complimented the quality of the ring, especially the antique finish. But even more than all of this, Janet's customer service is off the chart. We highly recommend this company!

Paula I


P Chinery
Kona, HI

Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring yesterday and I very pleased with my ring. Outstanding workmanship and the detail work is fantastic. 

Thank you very much and I will let everyone know where I got my ring.

Tulsa, Oklahoma