Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Where are your rings made?
A: Our rings are sourced by our partner Balfour, who is based in Austin, Texas and has been making rings for over 100 years!  However, the rings are manufactured all over the world, including some in Austin, TX.  

A recent ruling has passed in which the label of where the ring was made must be placed on the actual ring rather than the ring box or bag.  


Q: How do I figure out my ring size?

1) Get Sized At A Jeweler

We strongly recommend you visit a jeweler for a professional sizing. This will ensure the most accurate size and minimize the chances that you will order incorrectly.

2) Sizing Tips

To make sure you order the proper ring size, be sure to measure your finger with a calibrated ring sizer. When measuring for proper ring fit, do the following: Due to size variance between hands, you should decide on which hand and finger the ring will be worn. The ring should easily slide on, but will resist slightly when coming off, even taking 2-3 seconds to get over the knuckle. Fingers have a tendency to swell and/or shrink as much as a 1/2 size depending on time of day, temperature, and after performing certain physical activities.

3) Test It Out

When you receive your new ring: If it initially seems to be a little too large or too small, try wearing it for a few weeks to get used to it before requesting a different size. Remember, different activities and temperatures throughout the day will cause your hands and fingers to constantly change, so it’s normal to have a ring feel tight sometimes and loose other times--often in the same day. Wearing your new ring for a few weeks will help you better determine if a resize is necessary.!


Q: How large are these military rings?
A: The dimensions vary slightly according to ring size. However, here are the dimensions for the Freedom and Independence rings [for standard size 10]. 20mm across the widest part on top. 28mm from top of stone to bottom of ring shank. The simulated stones are 12X10mm. The Patriot ring is 22mm across the widest part on top; 30mm from top of stone to bottom of ring shank. The Venus ring is 9mm across the top, 20mm across the shank, and 24mm from top of stone to bottom of ring shank. The men's Signet ring measures approximately 16.8mm x 13.4mm. The men's Combat top is 13mm x 11mm and the outer edges of the base measure approximately 20mm x 17.5mm.

Q: I need to make a change to a ring I just ordered. Is this possible?
A: Email us the exact changes you need made to the ring at ; depending on where your ring is in the manufacturing process we may be able to make changes.  


Q: I lost my ring. Can you replace it?
A: We should have your information on file. We can make a new ring for you. Please call customer service at (859) 334-0737 if you need assistance.


Q: Will the metal tarnish or fade? Will it turn my finger green?
A: Our rings do not tarnish and will not turn your finger green.

Q: What is Valadium?
A: Valadium®: A fine jeweler's stainless steel, with silver toned looks that is value priced. Contains 12% nickel. Sun-Lite (Golden) Valadium®: Featuring the durability of fine jeweler's steel, electro-charged with the look of yellow Gold. Contains 12% nickel.  The Golden Valadium ring is a "plated" style look.  The gold-look is not mixed into the metal itself.

Q: What is Silver Select™?
A: This metal is our state of the art invention (patent pending). Silver Select is harder than other tarnish-resistant silver metals and more precious than Sterling Silver. It has a brilliant white luster familiar to sterling silver buyers with added strength from platinum. It is 95% silver, and 5% copper and platinum alloy.


Q: Which metals are available?
A: Balfour military rings are available in Valadium®, Golden Valadium®, Silver Select®, 10kt and 14kt white gold, and 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt yellow gold. The yellow gold options are a mixture of gold and alloys of silver, zinc and copper.


Q: How would you describe the silver plus?  Can it be done in natural finish?

A: The Balfour Premium Silver is described as ‘The brilliance of silver strengthened with platinum.  Our unique and patented metal gives you beauty and durability.’  Yes, it is available in both the Antique Finish and Natural Finish. 


Q: What is the difference between natural and antique finish?
A: Antique finish has a dark background that brings out the polished details. It is the most popular finish. Natural finish is as beautiful as the antique finish, but without the dark background. Natural finish is only available on gold rings.


Q: What do you mean by left and right sides?
A: The "left" side corresponds to the left side of the ring as the ring wearer looks at the ring. In this case the wording around the stone is right-side up to the wearer.


Q:When a laservue is put on a ring, is it always white?
A: No, The color of the laservue matches the metal of the ring. The valadium and white gold rings will have a white laservue. The gold and gold-looking rings will have a yellow laservue.


Q:I need a special emblem made. Is this possible?
A: Yes. A minimum of FIVE [5] rings must be ordered at the same time. The set-up fee for the metal-die and manufacture of a special custom emblem is $400.00. Please allow an additional three to four weeks for delivery. If you order TEN [10] or more rings with a custom emblem, we waive the set-up fee.



Q: Is side one on the left or the right?

A: The first side of the military ring is the left side and the second side is the right side.


Q: Which words are included in the side emblem designs?
A: The words that appear below the emblem are always included. The words that appear above the emblem are optional, customizable engravings.


Q: I would like special wording around the stone (the area around the ring is referred to as the bezel). Is this possible?
A: Yes. The set-up fee for the metal-die and manufacture of custom wording around the stone is $70.00. Please allow an additional two weeks for delivery.




Q: May I engrave lower case letters on the sides?
A: No. All engravings are in capital letters. You may engrave lower case letters on the interior of the ring (up to 18 characters, including spaces)


Q: How are engravings aligned?
A: All engravings are centered above the side emblem you choose. Engravings on two lines are also centered on the emblem.


Q: What engravings are prohibited?
A: We prohibit profanity as any wording that may be considered disrespectful in any way, as well as trademarked words. If in doubt, please contact us.



Q: When should I expect my rings?
A: Each personalized military ring requires between four to six weeks to manufacture.


Q: Where can rings be sent?
A: Were pleased to ship to every address in the U.S.A., plus Guam and Puerto Rico. We ship to P.O. boxes, as well as every U.S. military base worldwide.


Q: Do you ship to APO addresses? 
A: Yes.


Q: Do you ship internationally? 
A: Yes.  There is an additional $30 surcharge for international shipments. 




Q: Can my ring be re-sized?
A: We offer the first resize on our military rings for free.  All you need to do is include the return postage of $14.95.  Any additional resizing will incur a $25.00 resizing charge, plus the return postage.  Our Repairs Department will assess the ring when received, and we will contact you if there are any concerns or any other charges.  On a resize, the ring must be identical to the order in our system.  No changes can be made to the ring.  If changes are requested, additional charges will apply.  


Send the ring to the address that is listed on the back of your paperwork:

Balfour Military 

Attention:  Repairs

 7211 Circle S Road

Austin,  Texas 78745  



If you have a ring that needs a repair, please email us first!!  We will help you make sure your ring will be covered for a repair.

Balfour® is dedicated to providing the highest level of product and workmanship to achieve your total satisfaction. Should you need to repair your Balfour  ring, send it insured to:

Attn: Repair Dept.

7211 Circle S. Road
Austin, TX 78745

Include your name, or original order number (if available), instructions as to the type of repair you want done, a return address and a daytime phone number so we can contact you to approve any charges. We recommend that you send the ring using a traceable method like USPS, UPS or FedEx. Please remit a $14.95 shipping/handling/insurance charge with your ring.

Many times, repairs can be done on a ring; however, some requests may require that your ring be remade. If your ring is very sentimental to you and you do not want it remade, an explicit note directing that the ring not be remade must be included with the ring. A remake fee will apply to any order that must be remade. 




Q: What is the metal Valadium?

A: It is a fine stainless steel metal


Q: What is Golden Valadium?

A: The same metal as valadium but it goes through a process that makes it look more yellow similar to a 10 c gold look.


Q: How does Golden Valadium compare to 14 c gold-?

A: The 14 c gold looks more yellow. It has true gold in it.


Q: Are the rings high school size or college size?

A: They are high school size.  The manufacture no longer makes college size.


Q: Are you able to put UNITED STATES ARMY WIFE around the stone?  

A: Yes

Q: What does the Laser Vue look like on the stone? 
A:  To see a full size image of the ring with Laser Vue, click here.




Designing Experts

Balfour is a proven leader in military ring design, designing some of the earliest rings worn by West Point Academy cadets. Our experienced designers have crated an extensive line of personalized rings that represent the commitment, traditions and friendships of your military career.


Precision Toolmaking

Our cutting-edge technology allows for intricate and precise detail to be rendered in the ring molds used to customize military rings.


Making a Wax Pattern

In this step, our craftsmen use the ring molds to produce a wax replica of your ring. The goal is make sure that every detail you've chosen is perfect.


Traditional Cast Making

Cast making is a multistep process that is thousands of years old. First, a plaster is poured over the wax, and then the wax is melted to create a mold. Next, the molten material you selected (gold, silver or Celestrium) is poured into your mold to harden. Finally, your casted mold moves through a series of ovens at precise temperatures to provide strength and luster. Your ring is starting to become a reality.


Detail Enhancement

The metal casting of your ring is carefully shaped by our master craftsmen to reveal the beauty of the materials and the details of the design you selected.



Depending on the finish you selected, we can add a dark coating to the recesses of your ring to highlight the intricate details and designs.


Final Polishing

To make your ring truly shine, we have a special highlighting step that pulls out individual details in your ring.



As a final customization step, using our precision-based tools, we will engrave the name, date or message of your choice on the inside of your ring.


Final Inspection

Each handcrafted Balfour ring is individually inspected to provide you with the highest level of workmanship. You can now take as much pride in your ring as you do with your military career.



The Ring is perfect. Thank you so much. It was worth the wait.

Dean R

Received my ring today.  It is beautiful!  Thank You Merry Christmas


.I have the ring and love it!!!

F.H. Michigan

I received it yesterday. It is AMAZING. Thank you so much!!

I'm an Italian Paratrooper. 

I received my ring today, much earlier than expected. I just want to let you know I love my ring beyond measure. 
It's literally beautiful.
The craftmanship is beyond excellence, the level of detail is astonishing. 
The ring is everything I hoped and dreamed for, and much more. 
I will wear it with immense pride, 
since here in Italy we don't have a tradition regarding Military Rings. It's really an unique piece of art.
I can not praise your customer service enough, Ms. Pryor and Ms. Garza went well beyond their due to help me in every way possible, and assisting my with the ordering process. 
My hat is off to both of you, Ma'am Pryor and Ma'am Garza.
I will let everyone know where I got my ring.
Nicola S.
I do want to take a second and thank you for your helpfulness, your patience, and your professionalism towards my situation with my husband's ring. Not many things bring tears to my husbands eyes, but this ring, which symbolized such wonderful memories for him, definitely did. The quality of work that was done was truly special and so detailed. It was ordered for his birthday and was delivered on his birthday which made it so much more special. Thank you so much for being so attentive and providing quality and memorable products. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends, and family. As a matter of fact, my dad is already looking at a ring from you as well! Thank you again!
Katherine S.

"I wanted to thank you very much for the great website, the excellent customer service, and an outstanding product.  My ring came today, much earlier than it was originally promised.  It is an extremely handsome ring of the highest quality, and I'll wear it with pride."

St. Louis, MO

My husband and I were so impressed by the beauty and detail of his ring! It was a very special anniversary gift and so meaningful to both of us. We were very happy when a jeweler complimented the quality of the ring, especially the antique finish. But even more than all of this, Janet's customer service is off the chart. We highly recommend this company!

Paula I


P Chinery
Kona, HI

Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring yesterday and I very pleased with my ring. Outstanding workmanship and the detail work is fantastic. 

Thank you very much and I will let everyone know where I got my ring.

Tulsa, Oklahoma