Cost of Gold Forcing a Price Increase Come September 1

Heads up.  We wanted to let all of our fans and customers know that come September 1, Gold is Rising2012, we will have a cost increase for all of our custom rings.  The price increase is being driven by the rise in gold prices that has been occurring over the past few years.  Our partners at Balfour have held off rising their costs as long as possible, but it is now unavoidable.

All of our ring prices will be seeing a rise, but our 10K and 14K yellow and white gold rings will be seeing the most dramatic shifts.  To give you an idea, we currently offer our 14K gold custom military rings for only $845.95, and we offer a low price guarantee on these rings.  So, you can be sure that you are getting the best price on the web for these beautiful handcrafted rings.  Come September 1, that $845 ring will be increasing to $2,229.95.  Gulp.  I know, it’s tough to swallow, but that is what these price increases in gold is forcing Balfour and us to do.

We wanted to give our fans and customers a heads up before these prices hit.  If you were on the fence on getting a gift for a yourself or a loved one, we recommend you act now while the prices are still low.  These rings make incredible gifts for a military graduation or to commemorate a military career.  We have received emails from grateful customers who have said that the rings have brought the gift recipients to tears.  They are amazing gifts that honor those men and women who fight in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines.

We want you to know that we are still committed to a low price guarantee.  So, even when these ring prices shift, we still aim to lead the way in fantastic quality custom rings at the lowest prices on the web.  And with it, you receive wonderful customer service from a company who has experienced military service.

If you want to act now, click here to create your custom ring.


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