Longing for Home – A Soldier Skypes Storytime

A Soldier Reads a Story Using Skype

If there is one thing that anyone involved in the military can understand, it’s the heartache of being away from loved ones.  That’s why this photo above is so touching.  In it, you see a father reading a story to his kid over Skype, making sure that the child can see all of the pictures.  Tug at your heart?  It does ours.

Today’s military has vastly better communication tools than the military of the past, but it doesn’t make loneliness when on duty any easier.  Whether you were waiting impatiently by for a letter from home when you served or in today’s world, waiting your turn in line to use a computer, the commonality of a deep longing for home rests in us all.  The love of family unites us.  The longing for home fuels us.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below.  How did you communicate with your loved ones?  How did the love of family fuel you on while you served?  How did their love motivate you to keep going?  Leave a comment and let us know.  And if this picture above touched your heart, share it with someone today.



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