Happy Mother’s Day to Military Moms

Mother’s Day is the one special day of the year where we get to honor the special women Military Mom's Mothers Dayin our lives who hold the amazing title of Mom.  It’s a day where every son and daughter should thoughtfully and carefully do their best to love and appreciate this woman who has given so much for her children.  The role of a mother is a unique and special task that God has given to women, and I am constantly amazed by my wife and how she is growing in her role as a mother to our 1 year old and baby on the way.

For a Military Mom, Mother’s Day can often be bittersweet.  So often, these courageous mothers are at home, praying for the safety of their courageous sons and daughters while serving this great nation.  For as much as our soldiers serve and sacrifice for this country, their mothers do too.  By raising these men and women who grow to be soldiers and defenders of our freedom, these mothers are to be praised, loved and respected.

The realities of the dangers are troops are known no better by anyone but our mothers.  Their is a special bond between a mother and her child.  There is a protective covering over children that is unique to mothers.  Yes, fathers love and care for their children too, but a mother’s love comes in a special way –  A mother’s hug.  A mother’s embrace.  A mother who has kissed ‘owies’ and put on band-aids.  A mother who stays up all night and watches the fever break and sits in the emergency room.  Mothers have an amazing ability to love, to care, and to protect their children.

For all of the Military Moms out there, we want to say thank you for your love.  Thank you for raising children who would fight for this country and what it stands for.  Thank you for all of your sacrifices through the years.  We understand how difficult it is to be a mother of a soldier, and we just want to say thank you for your sacrifice.  We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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