Remembering What We Fight For

Yesterday, we posted an image on our Facebook page of an Army Father hugging his two daughters.  We captioned the image, “Thumbs up for remembering what we fight for.”

Army Dad and Daughters

When people casually talk about war, they can sometimes marginalize the sacrifices made in fighting for freedom.  Sure, people are entitled to their opinions.  But it’s important to remember that they are free to have those opinions because they live in a country where somebody before them fought for their freedom.  Let’s not forget.

Although, I will be honest, growing up in a free country when war is thousands of miles away, if you are not associated with a loved one in the military, it can be easy to forget why we fight.  But take those freedoms away for 1 day, and you’ll know immediately what we fight for.  Freedom matters.  Freedom to have a family.  Freedom to start a business.  Freedom to have ideas and thoughts.  Freedom to speak your mind.  Freedom to plant a garden.  Freedom to buy a car.  Freedom to play a game of catch with your son.

America is the most amazing country on this earth.  She stands for freedom.  I fear that this nation may lose site of that and take advantage of the freedoms given to them.  More and more, we seem to live in an entitlement state where people don’t appreciate earning what they work for.  This is a dangerous place to be in.  And although that may the way this nation is heading, we want to say thank you to those who fight for our freedoms.  Thank for laying down your life.  Thank you for fighting so that we may have freedom in this nation.

At, we desire all men and women everywhere to be free.  Free from all kinds of slavery and oppression.  And we remember why we fight, and we believe in fighting for freedom.

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