Want To Join The Army?

My brother in law is a soldier in the army at Fort Hood.  It’s been interesting to hear his stories about boot camp and his introduction to the military life.  This video below gives a short insight as well into what your first week in the Army would look like.  I loved the interviews with the drill sergeants who said, “yes, we are all over you watching your every step at first, but eventually, you will realize that it is for your own benefit.”

The transition from civilian life to military life is a steep step, and there has to be some excellent policies in place to turn boys and girls to soldiers.  I have always respected the military’s ability to do this.  To take hundreds of individuals, all seeking their own purpose and turn them into one unit with one purpose.  This is a feat not to be overlooked.  It takes discipline and excellent trainers to create a unit of this nature.

We may post some more videos up in the future for those interested in a military life.  If you have loved ones in the military already, or perhaps you are in the military or retired, feel free to check out our custom military rings.  They make excellent gifts and come in each of the military branches of service.

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