The Perfect Gift for an Air Force Basic Training Graduation – Testimonial

There’s very little we enjoy more than being able to help our customers give the perfect gift.  That’s what we were able to do again with Jennifer from Colorado Springs, who needed a gift for her son graduating basic training from the Air Force.  We’ll let her testimonial do the talking.


First, I would like to say “Excellent Service” . We wanted to get our son a meaningful gift for his Air Force Basic Training graduation. I had a hard time finding the perfect gift. I found the website of and liked how it was so customized as to Air Force Basic Training.

I was very impressed how personalized I was able to make the ring. My biggest concern was that I ordered this ring a little late and was worried I would not receive it in time for the graduation. When I had placed the order I expressed my concern about the timing issue and if it was possible that I request a rush. Janet told me there were no guarantees, but she would try. The end result is that I received my order in three weeks. I leave in five days for the graduation. I am so happy that I will get to give this wonderful gift to our son at the graduation.

Thank you so much Janet and the manufacturing company that made this order in such short notice. I will definitely refer your company to friends and family. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do business with you again in the future.

Take care and God Bless
Thank You!

Jennifer S
Colorado Springs, CO
Thank you Jennifer!  God bless you, your son and your family.  Thank you for your family’s service to this country!
(Jennifer chose the design below.  Click here to check out all of our Air Force rings).
326th TRS Air Force Ring

Military Milestones Review

We love receiving reviews from happy customers.  Below is the latest testimonial from one of our appreciative military ring recipients.  Thank you for serving CPO Glen Sharkey!

After 20+ years serving in the United States Coast Guard, I retired as a Chief Petty Officer 15 years ago.  I have always been proud that I served and proudly display retired plates/stickers on my car, but I wanted something more personal to celebrate my 15 years of retirement.  For Fathers Day this year, my 4 children got together buy me a Coast Guard ring commemorating my service.
They did their research and found Milestones as having the best looking and best pricing of all the rings they found online.  I now have this unbelievably beautiful/professional ring and wear it proudly.  Working with the people at Milestones to get the ring was effortless and they were very responsive when initially I provided the wrong ring size and needed it to be resized.  I would recommend anyone in any service, to work with Milestones to provide them with this very personal and memorable ring!
CPO Glenn Sharkey (USCG ret)

Vote for Erin!

One of our favorite Military Mom’s blog is up for Military blog of the year over at Circle of Mom’s.  If you have 2 seconds, go over and give her a vote of support.  Here’s a little bit about Erin:

Erin is a Navy Wife and Mom to 4 boys, including one with Autism. She recently parented solo during a 20 month deployment. She writes about military family life, deployment issues, Autism, and no-nonsense parenting.

What do you love about being a military mom?

I never imagined that I’d be a military wife and mom to military kids but I can’t imagine my life any different. I love that we’ve been able to show our kids places and people of the world they’d otherwise never been able to see. I love that we have 4 kids who are one another’s best friends and have each other where ever we go.

What advice would you give to moms on how to build a new support circle after a move?

Use your kids. Get involved in the schools and meet as many women as you can, then decide who you think you connect with best. If you have a young child, arrange for playdates and invite the moms to stay for a cup of coffee so you can get to know them. It will take time, but eventually you will connect and build a circle of friends.

What’s a tip for helping kids cope with a parent’s absence?

Include the missing parent in your family’s daily life. Mention how he’d react to things, place pictures through out the house. Also, try to skype or email as often as possible and get your spouse to send emails directly to your kids. I got my boys daddy dolls to sleep with and cuddle when they missed daddy and also a flat daddy to take to special events.

Custom Navy Ring Review and Testimonial

One of the most rewarding things in working with veterans is being able to deliver a special gift to them.  We are so grateful for the service of the men and women in our armed forces, and in our own little way, we are happy to give something back.  That’s why when we receive feedback from our customers about their ring, it just makes our day!  Check out the testimonial we recently received.

Dear Chaplain, the Mrs. and all at Military Milestones,
I received my service ring a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed and deeply moved by the beauty and attention to detail of it.
I would like all of you to know that I find your whole operation to be a class act. The website, the ordering, the people and of course the product are all above and beyond. I give you all a proud Navy, “Bravo Zulu!”
I am a Navy Veteran that was part of the Multi-National Peace Keeping Force in Beirut Lebanon in 1983 and 84. We were there to support the 22nd Marine Amphibious Force while stationed at the Beirut Airport and at the United States Embassy. On the morning of October 23rd 1983, 241 fine young Marines, Sailors and Soldiers lost their lives. We that served and the families and friends of our fallen brothers have never been the same.
As this October marks the 30th anniversary of our year of sacrifice, I could think of no better way to honor all that served and died in Lebanon then to have it engraved on my ring. With a glance I am reminded, humbled, honored and proud of our service.  This ring is for the ones that never came home and for us that are still trying to come home but most of all this ring is for our families. Thankyou and God Bless. To all that have served and to those still serving, Thank you and welcome home.

Scott Height ” Fly Navy ”


Here’s a look at Scott’s ring.  He sent us a few images.

2013-05-09_19.26.56-1-1 Custom Navy Ring PT50

Navy Dwight D Eisenhower Ring

Thank you to all of those who sacrifice so much for this country.  We are so thrilled to be able to provide quality rings to help you commemorate your military milestones!

Captured! Boston Bomber in Custody

793-Kyaij.AuSt.55As the news came out over the weekend, people all across America began to rejoice.  The details are still coming in and will continue to as this “sleeper cell” is investigated, but Americans could feel great about the speed and execution of capturing these two brothers.

Once again, America proves that when you attempt to beat her down, she comes back fighting harder than ever.  There is a resilient spirit in this country.  It desires to fight and desires to be strong.

I believe personally that strength and protection comes from a higher power.  But, there is no question that a cover of might and protection has been over this country with a special blessing.

Great work all who helped capture these bombers and bring them to justice!


Share Your Story. Win a Ring!

Previous Contest Winner

We are excited to once again offer an opportunity for you to win a FREE custom military ring.  We are giving away 5 custom rings this month!  All you have to do is Share Your Story on our site for a chance to win.

You have a story, and we want you to tell it!  We believe that stories are what shape each of us individually.  So often, these stories of military lives can go untold.  At Military Milestones, we want to compile as many of these stories as we possibly can.  Why?  Because we believe one of the best ways to honor our soldiers and their families is to make sure their stories are told.

Here’s How You Can WIN:

1. Go to this page and click on the “What’s Your Story?” button.

2. Share Your Story – Write your story and add videos and pictures to spruce it up.  For this month’s contest, share about your introduction to a military life.  When did your military life begin?  What were the challenges?  Did you come from a military family?  What was your initial training like?  Be sure to tell us what it would mean to you to win your very own custom military ring.  

3. Tell Others about your story.  When you publish your story, it will be it’s own page on our site.  Use the social share buttons on our site to share your story with others.  For every social share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others, you will receive an additional entry in the drawing to win a free ring.

You don’t have to have been in the military yourself to enter the contest.  If you know of a friend or loved one who is in the military, you still have a story to tell.  Feel free to share it on our site and a chance to win!

For more information, click here for the story guidelines and terms of the contest.  At the end of the January, we will hold a drawing using to select this month’s winners.  If you don’t win this month, be sure to look for more contests in the future.  But with 5 rings to give away, you have a great chance!

Good luck!!!  Click on this link to Share Your Story today!

FREE Custom Air Force Ring

Interview with “Intro to Army Life” Author – Allison Mewes

Boy meets girl.  Girl likes boy.  The two fall and love and within a year are married.  Boy and girl enjoy their marriage for 1 whole week!  Boy leaves to war.   Sound crazy?  That’s the real life story of author Allison Mewes, who married her husband on August 14th, 2010.

Allison realized that this story was not too uncommon among military spouses and so she set out to create a resource that would encourage Army wives, husbands and significant others as they acclamate to unique transition of Army life.

The book has been a smashing success, helping hundreds of soldiers and their loved ones adjust to a new military lifestyle.  Along with Allison’s personal narrative and stories, the book includes:

• Tips to understand Army life and why soldiers act the way they do
• Army hierarchy and social structure
• Learning the ropes as an Army spouse
• Perks of a military ID – DISCOUNTS & FREE STUFF!
• Top 25 Army acronyms
• 15 tips for dealing with a deployment
• Top 10 resources for military children
• Fun facts, such as where the term “military brat” originated
• …and much more!

Now, several months after its release, we decided to catch up with Allison and ask her a few questions about her life and the book since its release back in early 2012.

It’s been several months since the book has launched.  How has your life changed since then? 

The book launched in February and in June we had a baby! That has been a pretty major change since she is our first. At nearly six months, she takes up most of our free time. We fit in a book signing at the Fort Bragg and Fort Knox PX’s while we could. My husband and I have also spent the last year reintegrating after his deployment to Iraq.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of this process for you? 

The most fulfilling aspect has been hearing how the book has positively changed the perspective of readers, helped their relationship with their Soldier and educated them on the basic Army details without overwhelming them. One of the state’s National Guard units is using the book, along with a welcome letter, to deliver to all new recruits. I love that the spouse will receive something helpful when their husband enlists.

Have you achieved the goals you set after in writing this book? 

Yes, in the first few months after publishing, Family Programs Offices (FPO’s), Family Readiness Groups (FRG’s) and active duty bases purchased the book in bulk quantities.

Are there any specific stories that stand out to you of spouses who were impacted by your book? 

That is such a great question. I love the story of the gal who wrote me to say that she was a better wife to her Soldier after reading the book. That made everything worth while because as most spouses know, the military lifestyle can at time be trying on relationships!

If you had to do it over again, would you change anything or add anything to the book? 

There is always new information to add as the Army is constantly evolving. If I had to do it over again, I would add a little more information to two or three of the chapters and add a few more personal experiences from spouses. I’ll save that for the next print rerun.

Are you planning to create any more resources for military spouses in the future?    

Yes, I’d love to have time to write on my blog and provide content that way. Having a new baby and working part time from home really fills my schedule. I’m sure a lot of moms can relate! I accept guest posts on my blog and love to hear feedback from spouses and significant others about their crazy, funny and painful adjustments to Army life.

To contact Allison or get your own copy of the book, click the links below:

Twitter: @allisonashburn

Share Your Story and Win a FREE Ring

Right now, we are running a contest where 3 lucky winners will walk away with a free World War II ring.  We have partnered with Balfour to create an exclusive line of rings from this era, and all you have to do for a chance to win your ring is share your story about WWII.

We believe there are countless stories to be told about this amazing generation, and we have created a custom platform on our website to help preserve some of these memories. Share about a loved one who was involved in the war and how it impacted you and your family.  Share about a particular detail about the war – insight, battles, or facts that you find interesting.  And, let us know why you would love to get your hands on one of these beautiful rings.

With our new “Story” platform on our site, we will be running many contests for ring giveaways.  So, be sure to check back often.  Share your story on our site, and then be sure to post it to Facebook, Twitter and other sites.  The more times you share it socially, the better chance you have to win a free ring.

Check out the video below for more details.  And click on this link to Share Your Story.

Infantry Rings – Custom Division Military Ring

At, we offer the best selection on United States Army Infantry Division rings on the web.  We understand that the core of every military are the soldiers who go on foot.  It is the infantry who consistently demonstrate a commitment to discipline, fitness, courage, physical strength and sustained aggression.  Where would our army be without the infantry?  Lost!  That’s where we would be.

The history of the United States Army Infantry Branch is one to be highly touted as an infantrymen.  In 1775, ten companies of riflemen were authorized by a resolution of the Continental Congress.  That said, the oldest Regular Army infantry regiment was created on June 3, 1784.  This was the 3rd Infantry Regiment.

We believe in honoring all of our soldiers, and that certainly includes our infantry!  We offer custom military rings for several infantry divisions, which can all be personalized with custom engraving.  With our military rings, you have the ability to choose two side emblems, personalized engraving on each side, the stone color, stone cut, wording around the stone, metal type as well as inside personalized engravings.  All of these options allow your infantry ring to be truly personalized.  And at, you can be sure that your infantry ring is a great deal.  We offer a Low Price Guarantee on all of our rings as well as FREE SHIPPING!  Our partners at Balfour make a ring that is unparalleled in terms of quality.

We offer a huge variety of emblem choices for Army Infantry Divisions.  Here are all of the United States Infantry Division rings we carry:

  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 2nd Infantry Division
  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 4th Infantry Division
  • 5th Infantry Division
  • 6th Infantry Division
  • 7th Infantry Division
  • 24th Infantry Division
  • 25th Infantry Division
  • 29th Infantry Division
  • 45th Infantry Division
  • 84th Infantry Division
  • 90th Infantry Division

If you don’t see your division above, it’s because these are all the current specific emblems that our partner Balfour offers.  Beyond each of these specific divisions, we also offer an Infantry side emblem that bears the infantry branch insignia.  So, if you don’t see your infantry division above, choose the “Infantry” emblem when creating your ring.  Then, use 1 or 2 lines of engraving to name your specific division.  To get started creating your ring, simply click the image below.

create your custom military ring

Here’s how to order an infantry ring on our site:

  1. Click the banner above to Create a ring
  2. Choose the Ring Style you want (Men’s or Women’s – Oval or Square Stone)
  3. Choose Army for your Armed Service
  4. Choose the metal type for your ring
  5. Select the Infantry emblem you desire for your Left or Right side of your ring
  6. Finish customizing and place order

Below is a look at all of our Infantry ring side emblems.  Beautifully designed by Balfour, we hope you find a ring that is just right for you!

Infantry Ring - US Army Custom Ring

Infantry Ring – US Army Custom Ring

1st Infantry Division Ring

1st Infantry Division Ring

2nd Infantry Division Ring

2nd Infantry Division Ring

3rd Infantry Division Ring

3rd Infantry Division Ring

4th Infantry Division Ring

4th Infantry Division Ring

5th Infantry Division Ring

5th Infantry Division Ring

Click the banner to create you ring now!

create your custom military ring

6th Infantry Division Ring

6th Infantry Division Ring

7th Infantry Division Ring

7th Infantry Division Ring

24th Infantry Division Ring

24th Infantry Division Ring

25th Infantry Division Ring

25th Infantry Division Ring

45th Infantry Brigade Ring

45th Infantry Brigade Ring

84th Infantry Division Ring

84th Infantry Division Ring

90th Infantry Division Ring

90th Infantry Division Ring

There is a look at all of the beautiful infantry designs we currently offer on the site.  If your division would like a custom designed emblem for your division, let us know.  We will do our best to work with you and our partners at Balfour to create a ring for your branch.  However, it will need to be a group order for our partners to comply.  If not, as we mentioned, choose the Infantry design above and customize your division with the 2 lines of engraving offered to you on each side of the ring.

We offer these infantry rings in a variety of metal types, ranging from a Valadium, which is a steel ring, to 14K gold.  Our baseline rings are $159.95, but prices will be going up on September 1, 2012 due to rising gold prices.  So, create your custom Infantry ring today!


Cost of Gold Forcing a Price Increase Come September 1

Heads up.  We wanted to let all of our fans and customers know that come September 1, Gold is Rising2012, we will have a cost increase for all of our custom rings.  The price increase is being driven by the rise in gold prices that has been occurring over the past few years.  Our partners at Balfour have held off rising their costs as long as possible, but it is now unavoidable.

All of our ring prices will be seeing a rise, but our 10K and 14K yellow and white gold rings will be seeing the most dramatic shifts.  To give you an idea, we currently offer our 14K gold custom military rings for only $845.95, and we offer a low price guarantee on these rings.  So, you can be sure that you are getting the best price on the web for these beautiful handcrafted rings.  Come September 1, that $845 ring will be increasing to $2,229.95.  Gulp.  I know, it’s tough to swallow, but that is what these price increases in gold is forcing Balfour and us to do.

We wanted to give our fans and customers a heads up before these prices hit.  If you were on the fence on getting a gift for a yourself or a loved one, we recommend you act now while the prices are still low.  These rings make incredible gifts for a military graduation or to commemorate a military career.  We have received emails from grateful customers who have said that the rings have brought the gift recipients to tears.  They are amazing gifts that honor those men and women who fight in our Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines.

We want you to know that we are still committed to a low price guarantee.  So, even when these ring prices shift, we still aim to lead the way in fantastic quality custom rings at the lowest prices on the web.  And with it, you receive wonderful customer service from a company who has experienced military service.

If you want to act now, click here to create your custom ring.


Exclusive WWII Rings Coming Soon

Military Milestones is excited to announce that we will soon offer an exclusive line of WWII rings to add to our custom military ring collection.  We are working with our partners at Balfour to create and offer these rings exclusively at our store.

The rings will offer three unique side design emblems, each commemorating a special memory from the Greatest Generation.  The three emblems are titled, “The Flying Fortress”,  “V-Day”, and the “Greatest Generation”.  Each are uniquely and custom designed by our amazing partners and designers over at Balfour.

The Flying Fortress design has an incredible design commemorating the technology of the times where aircraft worked side by side with infantry to crack enemy defenses.  The side emblems shows multiple B-52 Bombers alongside a soldier who is throwing a grenade.  The V-Day design commemorates Victory Day and honors those who served bravely on Land, in Air, or on Sea.  Lastly, the Greatest Generation proudly displays the American Eagle and a World War 2 shield.  The men and women who lived through the Great Depression, sacrificed through this epic war and built a prosperous post-war world are truly the Greatest Generation this country has known. is proud to honor these men and women.  While many of these heroes have sadly left us already, we are excited to honor those lives who are still with us as well as the memories of those who have departed.  We are proud to offer this line of exclusive rings with our partner Balfour, who has a long tradition of creating high quality rings to honor our soldiers.

Below are a few images of these rings.  The products will be on our store soon.  There is no ability to add personalized engraving on each side emblem.  However, the rings can still be customized with engraving on the inside of the ring as well as custom wording around the stone.  You can also choose which side emblems you would like, stone cut, stone color, metal type and wording around the stone.

The Flying Fortress WWII Ring

The Flying Fortress

Greatest Generation WWII Ring

Greatest Generation WWII Ring

V-Day WWII Ring

V-Day WWII Ring

Custom WWII Rings - World War 2 Rings

Freedom is Earned

Freedom is Earned By Those Who Gave Everything

Freedom is earned, never given.  In America, we have a rich tradition of those who gave everything to earn our freedom.  The dream of America was one of liberty and freedom.  It was a dream created by men brave enough and dedicated enough to throw off the tyranny of England and declare their independence.  Much blood has been spilt and many lives have been lost to earn that freedom both in the past and still today.  There is a tremendous cost that comes with freedom.

Today, many Americans take for granted this freedom that has been earned time and time and again, but that does not lessen the sacrifice of those who gave everything and continue to give everything to fight for this greatest nation on earth.

So, to those who have fought for our freedom in the past, we say THANK YOU!  To those who are fighting for our freedom today, we say THANK YOU!  And for all of the families who love and support our soldiers, we say THANK YOU!

We believe in honoring our soldiers.  Our Facebook page and blog are committed to honoring those who fought for our freedom.  We also offer custom military rings, which we believe make fantastic gifts to honor our soldiers.  They are beautifully crafted by our partner, Balfour, and they are a gift that last for a lifetime.  We offer a low price guarantee and free shipping on all of our rings.  We believe they make a fantastic military gift to honor all of those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Longing for Home – A Soldier Skypes Storytime

A Soldier Reads a Story Using Skype

If there is one thing that anyone involved in the military can understand, it’s the heartache of being away from loved ones.  That’s why this photo above is so touching.  In it, you see a father reading a story to his kid over Skype, making sure that the child can see all of the pictures.  Tug at your heart?  It does ours.

Today’s military has vastly better communication tools than the military of the past, but it doesn’t make loneliness when on duty any easier.  Whether you were waiting impatiently by for a letter from home when you served or in today’s world, waiting your turn in line to use a computer, the commonality of a deep longing for home rests in us all.  The love of family unites us.  The longing for home fuels us.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below.  How did you communicate with your loved ones?  How did the love of family fuel you on while you served?  How did their love motivate you to keep going?  Leave a comment and let us know.  And if this picture above touched your heart, share it with someone today.



Military Honored in Fireworks Show

We hope you had a fantastic day celebrating our nation’s freedom.  Last night, the Fireworks Red White and BlueHouston Dynamo honored our military with a stirring fireworks show.  Each branch of the military was honored with their song while an amazing display of fireworks were set to music.

We love this!  Good work Houston.  Yesterday, I got together with my family and enjoyed a wonderful pool day in the roasting Cincinnati heat and we had the traditional 4th lunch – hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon and apple pie.  Thanks mom!  Our celebration went on into the evening back at our house.  As the fireworks were going off all around us in our neighborhood and our neighbors were celebrating our independence, it made be proud to be an American.

We at love this country.  We love all those who serve and defend it.  God bless all of the active military, their families, and the veterans who have gone before.  And God bless America!