View all design options for each branch of the military below.  Scroll over the emblem for the title to use when designing your ring.



  Army Cobra Military  Army Civil Affairs  Army Chemical Corps  Army Chaplain Corps  Army Calvary  Army Aviation  Army Artillery Airborne  Army Eagle  Army Armor  Army Apache Helicopter  Army Air Defense Artillery  Army Adjutant Generals Corp  Army 84th Infantry Division  Army Corps Of Engineers  Army Department Of Army  Army Drill Sergeant  Army Signal Corps  Army Quartermaster Corps  Army Public Affairs  Army Psychological Operations  Army Ordinance Corps  Army Multiple Rocket Launcher  Army Military Police Corp  Army Loach Military  Army Infantry  Army Huey Military  Army Honor Guard  Army Fire Support Team  Army Finance Corps  Army Field Artillery  Army 82nd Airborne Division  Army 7th Infantry Division  Army 75th Ranger Regiment  Army 1st Infantry Division  Army 1st Armor Division  Army 18th Military Police Brigade  Army 173rd Airborne Division  Army 15th Cavalry Regiment  Army 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment  Army 10th Mountain Division  Army 101st Airborne Division  Army Military Intellegence  Army 24th Infantry Division  Army 25th Infantry Division  Army 29th Infantry Division  Army 6th Infantry Division  Army 18th Corps  Army 5th Infantry Division  Army 4th Infantry Division   Army 3rd Infantry   Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Division  Army 3rd Armor Division  Army 2nd Infantry Division  Army 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment  Army 2nd Armor Division


Air Force Weapons Controller  Air Force Missle Operator  Air Force Navigator Wings  Air Force Operations Support  Air Force Pararescue  Air Force Pilots Wings  Air Force Recruiting Services  Air Force Security Police  Air Force Services  Air Force Space Missile  Air Force Special Operations Command  Air Force Strategic Air Command  Air Force Supply Fuels  Air Force Transportation  Air Force Maintenance  Air Force Air Mobility Command  Air Force Air Education & Training Command  Air Force Air Combat Command  Air Force Air National Guard  Air Force Aircrew Wings Enlisted  Air Force Civil Engineer  Air Force Combat Control  Air Force Command & Control  Air Force Communications  Air Force Law Enforcement  Air Force Intelligence  Air Force Fire Protection  Air Force F-16  Air Force F-15  United States Air Force  Air Force Defensor Fortis


Navy Surface Warfare Enlisted  Navy Fleet Marine Force  Navy Naval Aviator Officer  Navy Naval Flight Officer  Navy Naval Submarine Officer  Navy Naval Surface Warfare Officer  Navy Officer Insignia  Navy Seabee Combat Warfare Enlisted  Navy Seabee Combat Warfare Officer  Navy Seabees  Navy Seal Of The United States Navy  Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer  Navy Special Warfare  Navy Submarine Warfare Enlisted  Navy F-18  Navy F-14  Navy Chief Petty Officer  Navy Blue Angels  Navy Aircrew Enlisted  Navy Air Warfare Enlisted  Navy Master Chief Petty Officer


Marine Super Cobra  Marine Blue Angels  Marine Ch-53e Helicopter  Marine Eagle Globe And Anchor Large  Marine Harrier  Marine Huey Copter  Marine Iwojima  Marine Light Attack Vehicle  Marine Naval Aircrew


Coast Guard Senior Cpo Badge  Coast Guard Cpo Badge  Coast Guard Cutterman Enlisted  Coast Guard Cutterman Officer  Coast Guard Enlisted Badge  Coast Guard Master Cpo Badge  Coast Guard Officer Badge  Coast Guard Officer In Charge Afloat  Coast Guard Officer In Charge Ashore-enlisted  Coast Guard Coxswain


Military Puerto Rican Flag  Military Star Of David  Military Aces  Military American Patriotism  Military Cross  Military Eagle flag book  Military Pow Mia   Military Scale Of Justice   Military Screaming Eagle  Military Explosive Ordinance Disposal


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 I just wanted to inform you that my Father passed away a Month ago and loved his custom ring right to the end. Dad never took it off until he was going. The ring was part of him and he loved it.  Thank You

Russell C. 5-3-2016

Received my ring.  Beautiful work!

Ken, Nevada, 4-21-2016

I can't believe how great my ring turned out. I thank you for all the time you spent with me in the ordering of it.  Thanks again, 

Ron E Michigan 3-26-2016
I received the Military ring I ordered from you. It is a very nice piece of jewelry was received in a very timely manner  and exactly as requested. I would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in military jewelry and thank you very much.
MCM, Des Moines, Ia.
Des Moines, IA

I wanted to say thank you to Milestones for a wonderful gift that we ordered for my husband! They have to best selection of Army insignias that we wanted for his military ring. They answered every one of my questions (which I am sure I was annoying) to make sure I was ordering it correctly. I can’t say enough about this gift except for thank you for making a special ring to give my husband for Christmas.

Darla F.

First, I would like to say Excellent Service . We wanted to get our son a meaningful gift for his Air Force Basic Training graduation. I had a hard time finding the perfect gift. I found the website of and liked how it was so customized as to Air Force Basic Training.

I was very impressed how personalized I was able to make the ring. My biggest concern was that I ordered this ring a little late and was worried I would not receive it in time for the graduation. When I had placed the order I expressed my concern about the timing issue and if it was possible that I request a rush. Janet told me there were no guarantees, but she would try. The end result is that I received my order in three weeks. I leave in five days for the graduation. I am so happy that I will get to give this wonderful gift to our son at the graduation.

Thank you so much Janet and the manufacturing company that made this order in such short notice. I will definitely refer your company to friends and family. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do business with you again in the future.

Take care and God Bless
Thank You!

Jennifer S
Colorado Springs, CO

After 20+ years serving in the United States Coast Guard, I retired as a Chief Petty Officer 15 years ago. I have always been proud that I served and proudly display retired plates/stickers on my car, but I wanted something more personal to celebrate my 15 years of retirement.


For Fathers Day this year, my 4 children got together buy me a Coast Guard ring commemorating my service. They did their research and found Milestones as having the best looking and best pricing of all the rings they found online. I now have this unbelievably beautiful/professional ring and wear it proudly.


Working with the people at Milestones to get the ring was effortless and they were very responsive when initially I provided the wrong ring size and needed it to be resized. I would recommend anyone in any service, to work with Milestones to provide them with this very personal and memorable ring!



CPO Glenn Sharkey (USCG ret)

Glen S
Westmont, IL

Dear Chaplain, the Mrs. and all at Military Milestones,

I received my service ring a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed and deeply moved by the beauty and attention to detail of it. I would like all of you to know that I find your whole operation to be a class act. The website, the ordering, the people and of course the product are all above and beyond. I give you all a proud Navy, "Bravo Zulu!"

I am a Navy Veteran that was part of the Multi-National Peace Keeping Force in Beirut Lebanon in 1983 and 84. We were there to support the 22nd Marine Amphibious Force while stationed at the Beirut Airport and at the United States Embassy. On the morning of October 23rd 1983, 241 fine young Marines, Sailors and Soldiers lost their lives. We that served and the families and friends of our fallen brothers have never been the same.

As this October marks the 30th anniversary of our year of sacrifice, I could think of no better way to honor all that served and died in Lebanon then to have it engraved on my ring. With a glance I am reminded, humbled, honored and proud of our service. This ring is for the ones that never came home and for us that are still trying to come home but most of all this ring is for our families. Thankyou and God Bless. To all that have served and to those still serving, Thank you and welcome home.

Scott H. ~ "Fly Navy"

Scott H
Hasting, OK

I received it today, thank you so very much, it looks AWESOME. I really appreciate the work you all did. Thanks again

J>D Texas 5-9-13

Thank you so very much for inquiring on the ring for me.  We have been so pleased with the great customer service your company offers. We are excited to see his ring, and I know it will be beautiful. Thanks again for your help!

Naomi C.